And mysterious highway wizard has a name! Say hi to Jin, everyone! It’s pronounced like the alcohol. Apparently Fel knows this guy?

Alas, back to black and white comics. If you miss the color, that’s the $20/month goal on Patreon, so maybe consider becoming a subscriber if you REALLY REALLY love the comic in color. I know I do, it’s just too much of a time sink otherwise. But we’re almost halfway there, so maybe go check it out ;)

“But Renee” you say with refined grace, straightening your bowtie and looking elegant as can be. “Monthly donations are a bit more than I can afford at present.”

“That’s ok,” I respond, giving you a wink and a dashing grin. “The comic is always here for free, but if you really want to support it financially, you can always drop a few buckeroonies in the new ko-fi tip jar I’ve put in the sidebar.”

“Smashing!” you reply, “I will keep that in mind between fighting time-monauts and escaped gorillas,” and you resume doing just that.

Anyway, with the site fixed and Freelance Mountain conquered, I intend to focus more of my time on the comic. Livestreams! Fan art contests! Shoving this comic into the face of everyone around me! Oh good times are ahead.